How to make $5000+ per month with YouTube affiliate marketing

YouTube offers many opportunities for people who want to make money through affiliate marketing like this. It is the second highly visited website in the world and the second leading search engine.

With more than one billion users and many creators uploading their videos on the platform each day, you are unlikely to miss something new. The channels that make over $100,000 have been increasing with 40 percent.

YouTube Partner Program

Among the ways of earning money on YouTube, advertising is the leading. The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) has allowed the users to make more money from any advertisement served through their video content. For a channel to qualify it must hit 4,000 watch hours within one year and more than 1,000 of the subscribers should join the YPP. Google Adsense facilitates payment each month.

Ad revenue is a great way of making money through video uploads, but you are unlikely to qualify for the YPP or your goal is to attract some more income. That is the key reason why most YouTube users are opting for affiliate marketing to generate more commissions for the products and services they promote. In fact, you can make over $5000 per month with a YouTube affiliate. Now, you might ask, how is that possible?

Making money through affiliate marketing

Unlike the YPP, affiliate marketing is performance-based. The affiliate promotes products and services online and gets compensation after achieving the set objective or action. The advertiser or the merchant has to specify the key goals, which must include valid sales. A quick example, an affiliate might receive a 30 percent commission on every successful sale. Some merchants provide lead programs, which pay the affiliates for getting more signups or prospects. I will give you an exclusive member invitation to one of the best 2024 programs HERE.

Use the video description to make money

You can deploy affiliate links on YouTube through comments, video descriptions, channel links, and cards. Apart from the video itself, the video description is another valuable part. You should use it to describe your video, the creator, and the copyright details, to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and to direct more traffic to your website. Include your affiliate links in the description part. Use URL shorteners to prevent the URLs from appearing long, complicated, spammy and unappealing.

Use the comments section

The comments area provides the viewers and creators a good way of increasing their engagement and will help with the ranking of your videos. After enabling comments, for videos, you will be able to post, like, reply to comments or dislike them. You can also edit or delete the comments. YouTube allows video creators to pin or unpin comments to the top section for more visibility. Add your links to the pinned posts and comments. Remember to do it in a non-spammy and clear way.

Use the cards

Screens and cards should direct viewers to playlists, videos, websites, channels, crowdfunding, merchandise, and campaigns. YouTube allows you to add only four end screen elements and five cards to your video. Use of cards in affiliate marketing can be tricky because you can only promote the sites that YouTube has already approved. YouTube supports several websites such as Etsy, Shopify, Microsoft, and Ticketmaster. Therefore, add some affiliate links from the sites.

Use the about section

Lastly, YouTube allows users to add 14 links in the about tab. Most creators choose to include links to their social media accounts and websites, but some may link to their landing pages. Ensure that the link you include relates to your topics, channel, and videos for more clicks. A quick example, when dealing with fitness videos, you have to include links to the leading fitness products and services.

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