8 Tips to keep focused and motivated

It’s easy to say or think you will accomplish a new task. However, it may never be the same case if the task
takes a longer time than expected. Your motivation will slowly start to fade away and quite often you get
discouraged of the whole idea.

You get stuck, distracted, frustrated, burdened, overworked, and finally veers
off track. Obviously, it’s not easy to stay motivated and inspired with so much going on. But here is the
point! Motivation is your greatest untapped resource in everything you do. You need to find it within

Below are 8 tips to keep focused and motivated. Apply some or all entirely depends on you.

Find the noble reasons

There are reasons in everything you do no matter how simple they are. At first, you may feel there are no
good reasons to do some tasks. However, taking a little time to evaluate the reasons will reveal the goodness
in each of them. Also, there are other tasks we have been doing for long till we feel normal about them. If
you are burdened with tasks you really hate, find good reasons to complete them. Examples of good reasons

  • Personal feeling of achievement-You will feel great having completed a boring task.
  • Material reward – Usually, there are material rewards for doing something you hate
  • Personal gain – A tedious task will teach you something of value. It will improve your life in one way or the other.

Make it fun

Attitude plays a key role in motivation. We are different and so our perceptions towards a similar task. Some
of us will love doing it, some hate while others are uncertain. Have you ever asked yourself what is the logic
behind that? It’s simple: Some people know how to make any task enjoyable to do. Take losing weight for
example. It sounds boring to keep a two-hour routine trying to keep fit every day. Yet a lot of people find the
idea interesting. They enjoy doing it not only for its noble reasons but also it’s a fun way to spend time.
They will do everything possible to spare sometime visiting the gym simply because it fits their lifestyle

Therefore the next time you carry any task, think of what you will enjoy out of it. Do everything to make the
task fun and best part of your day. You will have answers on your fingertips provided you have positive
anticipation of any task.

Visualize a fruitful outcome

Even the best performers and athletes in the world use a visualization technique to keep focused and
motivated. Here, you need to picture yourself successive before carrying out any task. Just imagine anything
you want to accomplish happening and you will greatly increase the odds of experiencing the actual success.
There is power in what you speak or what you wear. If you want to be successful, think successful!

Use a different approach

When things don’t seem to work well, take a moment looking at the whole issue from a different dimension.
Some approaches may be discouraging the whole efforts even when you do things appropriately and most
efficiently. Find a number of ways to twist your current approach. You will even be surprised how it will
change the experience and open doorways to new opportunities.

There is always a way to accomplish your goals and most probably many ways. Find a different approach is
the current one keeps failing you. The more you try, the higher you will get your desired results which keep
motivating you.

Appreciate your progress

For most complex tasks, it’s normal to split the process of achieving them into manageable milestones. One
reason for this is to keep track of your progress. However, to stay motivated, we need to appreciate our
progress and not just tracking them. This will give you time to look at the bigger picture and recognize your
current position. In one way, we desire to see faster results in a short term. Using such kind of approach to
handling a huge task will drain all our motivation even before we get a chance to realize our dreams. Just
celebrate each small victory at a time and you will sustain your motivation for long.

Make a plan and follow it

We need an accurate plan in order to stay focused and motivated. It’s the driving force to accomplishing our
objectives with time. Just like the old saying, ?failing to plan is planning to fail’. Hence, if you are
committed to achieving, then create a plan. Words alone aren’t enough. You have to create a massive action
plan and not just any plan. If you have long-term goals, then create a long-term plan. It’s also important to
understand that a plan may change as new issues evolve along the way. Provided you stick to your plans,
then all your dreams are valid.

Be a good manager of time

How do you expect to achieve your goals if managing time alone is a problem? Be a good manager of time
and everything will fall into place as planned. Choose a functional time management system and live to it. A
good example to try is the quadrant system which separates daily tasks into 4 different quadrants. Only focus
on urgent and important activities. This way you won’t lose your focus unlike when engaged in many timewasting
activities such as watching or social media.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself works the magic to keep you motivated always. However much a task gets tough, you
are not alone in this. Also, take time to reward yourself once you achieve some results. You can take even a
small break after accomplishing a small task. You can as well grab a cup of coffee with a fresh dessert. If
that seems not enough, buy something worthy for yourself or take a trip to a nice place. It’s your
achievements so celebrate everything and this way, you well keep focus and motivated every time.

The bottom line

Each new day presents a new opportunity to make everything right. Make a good plan, follow it to detail,
celebrate the small successes and big accomplishments will surely follow. That is the simple secret to stay
focused and motivated.

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