How to start investing in stocks? Peter – professional investor

Working while you still can and sit and enjoy when you wouldn’t be able to work or just wouldn’t want to
work, this has become the mentality of people nowadays. There are many people willing to work hard and
smart to earn money and save it for their later life. Some succeed, some don’t.

While compared, I came to
know that it depends on two major things, how efficiently you earn money and the other being, once you
have enough money how do you manage it so that it keeps on increasing with minimal efforts.

Investments in various markets come in very handy in such cases. I am Peter and I am going to help you
figure out some key points in the investment market. The word “Investment” itself explains, “To invest is to
properly distribute a specific amount of money such that you can have some benefits in the future”. Just for
example, you have a decent amount of money in your bank, so rather than keeping it in the bank and earning
the bank interest, try finding better ways to use the money such that its value keeps on increasing with time.
This effort of keeping money is said as Investment. Buying a property can be an option; in such case, it is
called a Real Estate Investment, which can get you a passive income with the tenants’ rent and resale value
of the property over the time.

Investment can be of any means and in any market. Money is basically needed in every aspect of businesses
out there in the market. I am going to acknowledge you of the investments policies in the stock market and
things to keep in mind while investing your money in the stock market because you often get vulnerable to
some threats of the stock market. Before I get into the details of the topic, let us know what exactly does
“Stock Market” means. A company or corporations hold 100% of shares in total, these shares are made
available to the market to be bought in part that gives the buyer of the share a part of that company or
corporation’s earnings and assets. These earnings of the corporation either increase or decrease ending the
buyer with profit or loss respectively.

Now that you have got an overview of the subject to let me introduce you on how to start working in the
investment process of stocks. There are usually two types of stocks; Common stocks and the Preferred
stocks both having their pros and cons. Common stocks are the stocks that provide their shareholders with
some voting rights but no guaranteed dividend payments whereas the Preferred stocks are liable to provide
their shareholders with no voting rights but in many cases with a guaranteed dividend payment. So it is very
obvious to chose the right stock for you to invest money, if you want the voting rights to go for the common
stocks where you may or may not get the benefit of your payment dividend and if you have nothing to do
with the voting rights go for the preferred stocks where you get the benefits of the payment dividend for sure.

In the primitive stages of the stock market, their investors were provided with a paper printed stock
certificate which was then called as security that would have the verified number of shares owned by the
buyer but in recent days, the shareowners are recorded electronically which is far more hassle-free and
secure than the former. Although investing in the stock market can be very tricky at times, it can surely be
the best choice of your life if done properly.

1.Now let us get into the details of how you can start investing in the stock market.Decide on an investing style:
A style of working is to be discovered and decide either you are going to do all the procedure yourselves
which will need a considerable experience in the market or you can even hire some consulting firms which
already know the market and help you in any way they could.

2. Start by opening an account:
Before all, the first thing you will have to do is to create a brokerage account. If you are a DIY type of
person you can do it yourselves or else you can have one of those digital advisors which will help you in
opening the account for you.

3. Know what you are into:
Get a proper knowledge of the market you are interested in and all the details which are liked to its stocks
and shares.

4. Set some boundaries:
Setting the budget is one the most important things to do as this sector is very prone to getting you to lose a
load of money if you let it but if you have set boundaries and budget you will be working in a safer

5. Let your money flow:
In the end, start using some money and start investing. It is simple as it gets.
Getting started is just the beginning of the stock investment sector. As you spend time in the field you get to
know many new things and the patterns on how things work which are usually hard to explain but I will
surely try to explain them in the way you will understand with some golden points while investing in the

  • Follow your own instincts and ignore what others say.
  • Think considerably before taking important decisions, don’t rush.
  • Investment should be done in the sector that you are familiar with.
  • Do not get tensed with time irregularities in this sector.
  • Follow a proper and predetermined approach; work accordingly.
  • Think from your brain and do not let your emotions take on your decisions.
  • Work on a diversified portfolio.
  • Expect more but real.
  • Investing in your own surplus funds is very essential in stocks.
  • Keep a track on your funds and investments on a regular basis.
    Keeping the above things in mind will surely keep you one step ahead from other beginners and intermediate
    investors but keep in mind that you are not in it for competition with other investors; you are in it for your
    personal economic benefits which you will be getting only if you are patient enough.

So without wasting more time, start investing your money in the stocks.

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